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  Snakes of Sunderbans
A short documentary
  Books on Snakes
(Bengali & English)
  Kabil Jamadar
on Dadagiri-Sep. 3, 2017

A short document on the goals and all activites of JSSC


Juktibadi Sanskritik Sanstha, canning, West Bengal, India (JSSC) was formed by a few enthusiast young in their twenties in1986 at Canning, West Bengal, India (http://goo.gl/maps/Jjfv2) the gateway to the world's large biodiversity area near Sunderban, the home of Royal Bengal tigers and variety of snakes. JSSC constantly adopted new approaches to reach the local people over these years.

Working with snakes and snakebite victims

  • publish snake maps of 24-Paraganas, Bengal and India " puppet shows to educate people about snakebites

  • survey of snakebites victims in almost all districts in 24-paragans - covering an area of about 20 miles radius

Working with local people

  • Tutoring center for disadvantaged students (grade I through VII)

  •  Empowering women, mostly mothers of the children of the tutoring center

  • Relief activities for natural disasters like Cyclone Aila in Sunderban area http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyclone_Aila

  • Setting up medical camps to check general health of the children, giving vaccines, eye examinations, cataract operations etc. 

Working against superstitions and ignorance

  • various publications on superstitions, common diseases, snakebites etc.

  • Setting up medical camps to check general health of the children, giving vaccines, eye examinations, cataract operations etc. 

  • bicycle rally distributing leaflets on various issues

We lost one of our leading workers, Joydev Mondal on April 18, 2014

Joydev caught two poisonous Monocled Cobra (Keute) from localities after receiving calls at our 'Snake Bite Helpline' and
he was on the way to drop them at Sajnekhali Forest under Forest Department, GOWB.
He had an accidental bite on the boat and was brought to Gosaba Rural Hospital for treatment where he later died.
We pay our homage to Joydeb and express our grief and solidarity to his bereaved family.
Media Coverage...                                            

We published many leaflets, books and maps.

CJSS published many leaflets and books on many topics like snakes, lightning, intestinal disorders, black fever, malaria and even ghosts.

Vinyl poster 2 'x 3' available to purchase
1.     Snake map of India (English)
        (Resolutions: Low    High)
2. Snake map of Bengal (Bengali)
3. Snake map of 24-Parganas (Bengali)

Vinyl posters (2 'x 3') available to purchase
1. Snakes of Bengal (English - 125 pp)
2. Snakes of Bengal (Bengali - 34 pp)
3. Snakes of Bengal (Bengali - 20 pp)



Enjoy a 23 minutes video on snakes of Sunderban

This video CD discussses about the superstitions the villagers have regarding snakes and snakebites. With the help of JSS, they are now learning not to chant the Goddess of snakes or go to faith-healers, instead now they go to local hospitals and treat the snakebite victims with AVS.

Taking care of education and health of local children.

We started tutoring 47 children (class I through VII) from our neighborhood under the banner - Asoke Bandopadhya Pothan Pathan Kendra. We also take care of their health by conducting regular medical checkups and providing them with appropriate medicines.


School building
Constructed a building for tutoring local children.

We constructed a nice place to conduct tutoring for the children.


Past Events
Workshops, exhibitions, radio and TV talks.

Over the years, we had various programs like workshops, exhibitions, puppet shows, street-dramas, rescuing of snakes, video documentary on the snakes of Sundarban, distribution of different life-saving drugs, supplying AVS to many hospitals in our area.


You Can Help
Help us with your knowledge, advices & resources.

You can help us with your time, your knowledge, resources and your advices on how we can bring light to the poorest of poor people with lack of education who live with many superstitions. Any help is appreciated and acknowledged.

Help Line: 0- 963-599-5476, 0-973-382-2825


What's New
Working with hospitals

We started working with many doctors and hospitals in our communities on how we can treat people bitten by snakes with the right medicines and on time. We collected a vast amount of data from people affected by snakes. We created charts and maps to identify the types of snakes from the symptoms.